02. Co-designing and Testing the Usability of an Autism Disclosure Decision-aid

Deciding whether and how to disclose one’s autism at work is complex, especially for autistic youth and young adults who are entering the labour market and still learning important decision-making and self-determination skills. Autistic youth and young adults may benefit from tools to support disclosure processes at work; however, to our knowledge, no evidence-based, theoretically grounded tool exists.

This poster outlines an innovative co-design process used to develop an evidence-based and theoretically informed decision-aid tool prototype and highlights feedback from 19 autistic youth and young adults regarding usability of the prototype (ease of use, satisfaction, usefulness). This tool may help youth and young adults make decisions about whether and how to disclose their autism and related needs at work.


Vanessa Tomas, PhD Candidate, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto; Bloorview Research Institute, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital