14. KidsInclusive's Journey: response to Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action

KidsInclusive's strategic planning process identified responsibility to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation report’s recommendations to make a difference to the health outcomes of the Indigenous clients we supported. For KidsInclusive this is a relationship 50 years in the making, and we needed to do better! A working group was struck and a journey of learning began.

KidsInclusive has been serving children, youth and families from the James Bay Coastal area for close to 50 years, as well as children within our local catchment. We moved from educating ourselves on the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations and how they relate to our work to responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action by increasing our awareness and understanding of the experience of Indigenous children, youth and families.  

Four plus years later, we have evolved our Indigenous Working Group to include community representatives from Metis Nation of Ontario and the Indigenous Health Babies Healthy Children Program.  Our yearly goals evolve along with our learning.  The Calls to Action have challenged all aspects of our service delivery – calling on creative and innovative solutions to build equity. 

This poster presentation will highlight our learning journey, what we have been able to accomplish and where we need to keep doing this important work. 


Lesley Prevost, Physiotherapist, KidsInclusive