10. Engaging families as Partners in Health Research: a novel KMb tool

Family engagement programs across the child development and pediatric rehabilitation sector have demonstrated how lived experience can inform organizational decision-making related to the shaping of programs and services. As a class project for a Family Engagement in Research course, researchers and peer navigators—all whom are parents of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities—created an interactive knowledge mobilization (KMb) tool for clients, caregivers and parents to become more aware of research projects, the different roles of a family research partner, and the rights of a family research partner. The tool is customizable and can be adapted by other organizations to reflect their unique internal processes.



Maritza Basaran, Research Coordinator and Knowledge Broker, Grandview Children’s Centre
Andrea Belanger, Manager of Family Engagement Team, Grandview Children’s Centre
Annette Neufeld, Peer Navigator, Grandview Children’s Centre