St. John's

Rich and colourful, rugged and refined, St. John’s is the creative capital, and the beating cultural heart of the province. Woven into our history and tradition is a new wave of art, architecture, music and cuisine all waiting for you to discover.

Explore the town by taking a guided tour of the colourful cityscape and historic sites, pop into a gallery or museum to see Newfoundland & Labrador through a curated lens, or hike past icebergs and whales. Being the most easterly city in North America comes with the perks of endless coastlines and amazing ocean views

After a day of exploring the colourful neighbourhoods of St. John’s unwind and get ready to tap your toes to fiddles and mandolins in one of the city’s many live music venues. Generations of influence from Ireland and the British Isles make St. John’s no stranger to pubs, pints and laughs.

Fancy something different? As home to one of North America’s premier entertainment districts, we have every variety of nightlife, enjoyed by a genuine mix of locals and visitors alike.


Signal Hill dominates the skyline and sits above the confined entrance to St. John's harbour. It played a significant role in the province's military and communications history and helped to define Newfoundland's position in the world. In ridges and valleys, Signal Hill softly slopes down towards St. John's to the west and the Quidi Vidi river to the north.

Enjoy the quick trip from downtown St. John's, taking in the mural along the route and the beautiful drive that leads to the breathtaking coastal vistas at Cape Spear Lighthouse a National Historic Site. It is Canada's most easterly point of land and has a World War II battery with enchanting old bunker. You can also stroll along the many boardwalks and walking trails surrounding Cape Spear.

People can go to the geological interpretation centre to learn more about the significance of Newfoundland and Labrador's geology. It is a location where the Memorial neighbourhood can exchange knowledge and where people may grow more curious about science and the world around them.


Join a local tour to explore birds and nature in Newfoundland

Explore one of 36 easy hiking trails in St. John's or discover kid-friendly routes for your next family trip. Check out some trails with historic sights or adventure through the nature areas surrounding St. John's that are perfect for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts at any skill level.

Explore the rugged and beautiful coastlines of Conception Bay

Cruise with us to the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, home to the largest Atlantic puffin colony in North America (500,000+) and millions of other seabirds incuding: Common Murre, Black-legged Kittiwake and Razor-bill Auk.

Enjoy a spectacular performance by Humpback whales as they frolic, breach and pectoral fin slap right before your eyes. A show not to be missed! With the hargest population of Humpbacks returning each summer, there are bound to be a few breathtaking moments. Showtimes and routines vary as we are dealing with Mother Nature.

Come for the whales, countless seabirds and Newfoundland charm. Come to experience our rugged coastline.